Thursday, 5 November 2009

Graham Badman, King of projection

Sure, let's bandy around psychological disorders, Graham. Let's do that.

Let's start with Mbp. Let's ignore that the syndrome is of dubious medical acceptance, and go into it.

It's where someone, desparate for approval or sympathy, invents or creates evidence of abuse or harm in another, usually a child, and perhaps colludes in creating and/ or concealing the actual sources of harm.

These sad individuals often seem unable to adequately divorce their fantasies of vulnerable people that only they can adequately protect from the reality that it is their own actions that are placing these people in harms way.

These people often engage in elaborate ruses, sometimes involving their family and friends in their deceptions. They portray any attempts to reveal their deceptions and actually causing harm as personal attacks on their blameless character.

Now. Graham Badman produced a report which, on the basis of no defencible statitstics, claimed that home educated children were at risk from their parents, that only the intervention of state appointed officers, like him and his daughter, could protect these children, despite the documented vastly worse outcomes for state cared children. Badman's daughter joined at least one home educating group under false pretences during the review. When the poor quality of the review was highlighted, further requests for information about Badman's conduct of the review was denied on the grounds it could be used to defame or villify him.

It's a classic case. There's no hope for him. In accusing the home educators of MBP, Badman was indulging in textbook projection, placing his psychological problems onto an external scapegoat.

If critically examining a man's "work" is defamatory, if telling the truth about him is villification, then call me a domestic extremist.


  1. excellent diagnosis, no need for crystal Balls there :)!

  2. I wonder if we can get any help for him. I mean really, he does seem to need it. A quiet place to sit and reflect perhaps... padded... perhaps with sensory lights...

  3. Merry: You've just described the House of Lords...

  4. In his letter to the select it shows that his sept evidence request only asked for EHE figures estimates or actual. He then compared those with a school population that he estimated using mid year population estimates from the national statistics office NOT the schooled population of the 74 LA's.
    He also in his letter gives stats for 'known to social care from his report and the link he gives for verification is to the 2005 statistics , if I tell you that the 2005 all children cpp stats were 25.900 and the 2009 all children cpp stats were 34.100 you can begin to see a picture emerging.
    Maybe the fact that he has tried to draw attention to himself by falsely claiming our children are suffering are indicative of him suffering MSBP
    those figures are here